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Just as an anchor tethers a vessel, the ministry of The Anchorage offers grounding for those whose hearts are restless.  As a boat rests on top of quiet waters, secure in its moorings, fellow pilgrims find a place to listen for God’s still, small voice.  Whether in a rocking chair on a secluded deck, in a quiet room, or by the fireplace, yearning souls may come to know more fully the mystery of God’s love, as revealed in Jesus the Christ.

People are hungry for authentic spiritual companionship.  Many are concerned about the crassness of the larger culture and the fracturedness and frantic pace of life – they desire to slow down and notice more about who they are and how to be connected with God.  They are dissatisfied with what feels like a lack of significance and are seeking something more.  - Jeannett Bakke

We at The Anchorage believe God invites us to healing and wholeness.  God longs to mend our brokenness, soothe our pain, and relieve us of our oppressive fears and burdens.  Through The Anchorage, thirsty souls may experience welcoming, safe space with unhurried time to be with God.

Offerings of retreats, prayerful study groups, guided solitary retreats, and spiritual direction are designed for clergy and laity, for women and men, for individuals and groups.  All who are on a spiritual journey are invited to soak in God’s gracious, loving presence. This moment can be one of those invitations.

If you have a few minutes click on our ‘contemplative coffee break’ and let the images and words help move you to that quiet space where God whispers ‘I love you.'

If you have less than a minute, don’t lose heart!  Continue reading below...

The metaphor of a quiet harbor as a place to anchor deep in still waters, away from the wind and waves describes us well.   Let that image fill your mind.  If you like, open your hands on your lap, take a deep breath, letting it out slowly, remembering God’s love and care for you. As you turn your face to God, know that God’s face is already turned toward you in love.

Enjoy God’s gentle presence, this God in whom you live and move and have your being.  Just be with God – as God is always with you.  You are precious to God as a son or daughter.  Our prayer is that you leave this time of quiet blessing with God, renewed and strengthened.

You are warmly invited to ‘come away’ to a safe harbor, for a retreat or book study, or for spiritual direction.   Be in touch as God leads.

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