A Contemplative Community to encourage all people to a mutual love relationship with God.    


The Anchorage provides a setting in which women and men may come away to be with God, as revealed in Jesus the Christ; and to come to love more deeply , this God who loves us beyond measure. Spiritual direction, “Depth Soundings” (quarterly mailing), Desert Days and a variety of contemplative retreats, are some of the ways we encourage and inspire.


A safe harbor in which to anchor deep in still waters as a respite from the wind and waves; where pilgrims may enjoy prayerful grace, honor the rhythm of Sabbath and open more fully to the mystery of God’ s love.

Core Focus:

Encouraging contemplative community anchored in our T riune God.

The Anchorage is a Christian non-profit 501c3 (tax- exempt) contemplative ministry.  We are most grateful for your prayer, volunteer and financial support, as God leads you. 

All gifts are tax deductible.


2017 The Anchorage